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Are you ready to kick your voice-over career into high gear?

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Welcome to Connect the Dots


What is CTD Pro-Edition?

a comprehensive program designed to provide voice-over actors with the tools, support, and guidance needed to excel in the industry. Over the course of three months, we meet twice a month for two-hour sessions packed with valuable insights, strategies, and personalized attention.

Why Dive into CTD Pro-Edition?

Personalized TLC: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions! Get ready for personalized attention and expert feedback tailored just for you.

Activate Your Superpowers: We're not just talking about your voice – we're talking about your entire VO business! It's time to unleash your connected voice and build the business of your dreams.

Accountability, Baby!: No more flying solo! With regular check-ins and support, you'll stay on track and crush those goals like the boss you are.

The Rise of the Connected VO Actor: Say hello to structure with a side of freedom! It's all about finding your voice, your style, and your tribe in this wild world of voice-over.

Copy & Business Brilliance: Get ready to slay those auditions while building the business of your dreams. It's time to connect with the copy and crush it like never before!

About the Facilitators
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Connect the Dots flyer (1).png

Jodi Gottlieb

Seasoned promo producer and voice-over coach with years of experience in the industry. Her expertise and insights have helped countless voice-over actors reach new heights in their careers.

Tina Zaremba

Veteran voice over actor, teacher, and mentor dedicated to empowering voice-over actors with the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

Session Dates and Time: April 4th, April 18th, May 2nd, May 16th, June 6th, June 20th

Rate: $600 Limited spots available. Reserve your spot now by emailing

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