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"I am so grateful to Jodi Gottlieb for all she has taught me.  Her "timing" class is invaluable, and her private sessions are exceedingly helpful!  She produced both my promo and trailer demos, and they rock!  She has the magic touch!  I am lucky to know her, and I study with her any chance I can get!" - Vanessa Marshall

"Jodi is a pillar in the TV promo industry. I’ve had the incredible fortune of being coached by her and also directed by her on a reality TV show. When it comes to promos, she's my second set of ears. She’s honest in a kind way, knows everything there is to know, and is so supportive. I never hesitate to turn to her when I need great direction (what voice actor couldn’t use great direction!), counsel or even just support. She always has my back. Could not think of a better person to have in my corner. Highly recommend." - Lili Wexu 

"There are no words to express how truly grateful I am to Jodi. Her one-of-a-kind style of direction gave me the edge I needed to gain momentum in this industry. Since working with her, I have booked affiliate promo work with ABC, promos for CBS Interactive and became the in-show narrator for a new TV show on The Discovery Life Network! I've worked with numerous coaches over the years, and all of them have been great, but Jodi has a way of getting you where you need to be FAST! No one else out there has ever brought the physicallity needed to get me into the read. I am truly appreciative to her her for her masterful coaching, engaging personality and just being an all around wonderful person." - Mike Brang, Voice Actor with Atlas Talent 

“Jodi is amazing. Her sheer depth of knowledge of the industry is impressive and her ability to translate that into useful, actionable steps for those lucky enough to land in her class is a huge boost to anyone's skill set. Can't recommend her enough. Go. Now. Just show up and you'll be better than when you walked in.” - Jennifer Hale

“Jodi Gottlieb is the kind of director and coach that a voice talent dreams of working with in their career. Her experience as a performer allows her to communicate effectively so you can deliver the best possible read, quickly and effortlessly. Her calm, direct and constructive feedback combined with amazing tips and techniques gives you a "bag of tricks" you can use in all genres of voice acting. She is simply the BEST!” - Stacey J. Aswad, voice actor, Host of VO Buzz Weekly & Walt Disney World Resort TV

"Studying with Jodi has grounded me as a voice talent. Her unique approach has given me a brand new skill set I use to deliver spot on performances with confidence. I have learned to let go of blockages and access authentic emotion on command. It's all led to rock solid auditions and a huge increase in national bookings. I can't thank Jodi enough." - Debbe Hirata – TGMD Voice Talent


“I had a complete revelation once I started working with Jodi.  She showed me how to bring physicality to my promo reads that completely changed everything. That physicality helped free me and bring life to my reads to make them stand out.  After working with her I feel so much more comfortable and confident when I look at my audition copy because I know I'm going to nail it! Thank you Jodi!” - Jeff LaPensee

“I’ve had more breakthroughs working with Jodi Gottlieb than with every other coach I’ve worked with combined. I walked into my first class with Jodi a relative newbie to promo VO, and walked away with a greater understanding of the business, with devices, tools, tips, and tricks specific to each genre. Whether the task is to build suspense, coax laughter, or create drama, Jodi arms her students with the right tools to deliver performances that achieve the goals of the writer. Jodi doesn’t have a cookie-cutter approach to teaching promo VO; she has a deep understanding of the casting process and the differences between each network and cable brand.  She sees what strengths each voice actor brings to the table, and offers specific tools we can use to deliver performances that book. Jodi’s classes are always challenging, insightful, inspiring, and fun! She takes a lot of the guesswork out of auditioning, by generously sharing her insight into the behind-the-scenes reality of the casting process. Jodi is a great listener with a generous spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. When it comes to coaching promo VO, Jodi Gottlieb is the absolute best.” - Brian Monk

“Simply put, working with Jodi Gottlieb is a game-changer. Not only does she help you spot and break old, bad habits that may be holding you back, but, perhaps most importantly, she offers a set of innovative tools that enable you to conjure that greatest of intangibles, the signature read. And she's simply delightful to work with--I look forward to each and every session. Jodi truly lives up to her reputation as the best in the business. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” - Stephan Cox (voice of Ford for Southern CA and MGM TV Network)


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